Stop putting all that hard work into cleaning rat bins and let the Florida Rattery take care of it for you.

Let the Florida Rattery take care of those rat bins for you.

You May ask How?

We supply the racks to the client with water systems hooked up.

The Florida Rattery will come in once a week and change out the bins and give you fresh bins and fresh rodents. This win save you time where you will not have to clean the tubs. This will give you more time to spend tending to your animals.

Let us Take the Headache Away From You.

The days of meeting in gas station parking lots to dump your sweaty rodents into your own tubs are over. Let The Florida Rattery take care of it for you!

How it Works:

  1. Sign a 6 month contract that The Florida Rattery will provide you rodents at a set price (that means during the 6 month period there is not a fluctuation of pricing). There will be a $250/week minimum order to be entered into the contract.
  2. The Florida Rattery will maintain and own the rack during the contract period. After the contract is over the end client will be asked to sign a new agreement or return the equipment to The Florida Rattery. Any damage done to The Florida Rattery equipment beyond normal wear and tear will be deemed abuse of equipment and be the end-client’s responsibility. The end customer will be responsible for watering and feeding the rodents from the day of the delivery.
  3. Early termination of the contract will be billed an early termination penalty of $500 and will turn back all racking and equipment to The Florida Rattery.