Chris Davenport was born and raised in Stuart, Florida.

Chris was born an entrepreneur with big dreams. Once he puts his mind to something, nothing can stop him. “Go big or go home” is a motto he lives by in his personal and business life.

That is the approach he used when starting his reptile breeding business DS Balls in 2015.

And that is his Philosophy in Starting The Florida Rattery

He has seen the industry grow at light speed over this time.

There is a one thing he has noticed as we produce more animals there is a lack of rodents to feed to our collection. His mind went into overdrive. He decided to use his experience in breeding rodents for his personal collection and multiply it on a larger scale.

His idea is to change the way people think of rat breeding. He wanted to add a full-service rat breeding facility using the most quality food and beddings. He also wanted to add a sense of professionalism to the industry.